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Fun Money Facts

Here are a few facts about your friends' money that should interest them.  First ask them to close their eyes and picture in their minds an aerial view of a housing tract of 180 fine, new middle-class homes.  A primary job of the Federal Reserve is to protect the value of the dollar.  Ask your friends to also imagine burying a million US paper dollars a century ago, when the Fed was created, plus a million gold dollars.

Now have them picture digging these up today.  In terms of today's money, their paper dollars would be worth $1,000,000.  The gold ones would be worth $65,000,000.  Their paper money savings today would buy three average new homes in the US.  Their gold ones would buy the whole housing tract,180 new homes.  

During that hundred years, eight presidents were democrats and nine were republicans, so both parties are to blame.  Yet in November, millions of voters will go to the polls expecting that if their candidate wins, he or she will solve their economic problems.  

Seems to me that if the federal government had not created the federal Reserve, few of the voters would have economic problems. ~ Richard Maybury

Richard J. Maybury's
U.S. & World Early Warning Report
July, 2016



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